All fees are payable within 7 days of treatment. Invoices for assessments and/or reports must be paid before the report is sent out. All fees are to be paid in their entirety. These can then be taken in to claim your rebate.

Occupational Therapy Fees

Intervention and Treatment

  • Hourly rates
  • Packages available
  • $170 per hour
  • Discuss with Therapist

Standard Fee

  • Services outside packages
  • $170 per hour

Presentations and Workshops

  • Fees negotiable
  • $170 per hour

Assessments and Reports

  • Comprehensive assessment and report
  • $550.00 – $850.00

Please discuss the details with your therapist.


  • Travel
  • $170 per hour

Travel to schools or homesĀ are billed after 10km from the Learn Sense Grow base. If multiple children are seen at the same school then the fee is split between clients or negotiated. For a full list of prices and services please contact us.