School Readiness

It is really important to help prepare your child so they are ready for school.

Our school readiness program will prepare your child for school by helping them develop the foundational skills required for learning. Before a child is ready for school, it is important that they have developed the foundational physical and behavioural skills that are necessary for learning. If these skills are missed or incompletely developed, a child may struggle with the demands or pace of learning at school.

Our school readiness program will help prepare your child for school by working on the foundational skills required for learning. The Occupational Therapist facilitating the program is experienced in helping children develop the skills required for a positive start to school. The program focuses on these key areas:

  • Self care and organisation skills

  • Listening skills and following instructions

  • Pencil grip, pencil control and finger strength

  • Big muscle strength and coordination, and hand eye coordination (this is all important for learning to write!)

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