Environmental Setup

At Learn Sense Grow we offer advice and recommendations on a variety of Environmental Modifications and Ergonomic Setups. We visit your home, classroom or environment to modify and tailor make an ergonomic setup that is specifically for you.

We have been involved in the development and design of sensory spaces in a number of homes, schools and childcare centres, utilising different sized spaces and equipment that is readily available. These spaces are used to assist a variety of children in self-regulation strategies, whilst at home or at school, and have been observed to assist in improved levels of concentration, alertness, arousal levels, calmness and attention. Modifications in the home and classroom environments are important in assisting children with sensory sensitivities and distractabilities relating to the sensory environment including lighting, sound, visual displays, placements of desks, sensory corners and more.

With technology being the way of the future, it is impacting our children in both positive and negative experiences. With use of such equipment it is important to ensure that each child that sits with a computer has a good ergonomic setup as to prevent poor posture and injury from repetitive use. At Learn Sense Grow, we are experienced in ergonomic workstation setups and the importance of good habits and movement breaks regularly. We can assess one or multiple areas and happy to consult on design and implementation of new and old workstation setups.