For Schools & Centres

Learn Sense Grow Paediatric professionals can offer the following:

  • Workshops / Information Sessions for teaching staff, parents, students and the community designed to provide them with intervention tools to assist certain diagnoses or sensory, developmental and learning challenges.

  • Training and development courses for educators to further enhance their knowledge base, understanding, professional skills and strategies to facilitate with individual children or the whole class. This may include:

    • Attention and concentration skills

    • Sensory and perceptual skills for learning

    • Auditory/ listening skills

    • Fine motor skills

    • Gross motor skills

    • Learning skills

    • Social skills

    • Handwriting

    • Developmental milestones

    • Sensory Processing Disorders and Sensory Integration

    • Specific Programs

  • Modification to the school and classroom environments in relation to sensory integration. This may include assessment and recommendations for particular tools, equipment, sensory rooms and play environments.

  • Consultation and implementation of correct ergonomic workstation setups.