At Learn Sense Grow we offer Workshops and Information Sessions.

The following is a list of available workshops and topics, or a workshop can be customised to your own needs. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact us for further details.


Sensory Processing In Everyday Life

Learn the fundamentals of sensory processing theory and take away strategies to improve attention, calmness, co-operation and behaviour. This course gives a basic understanding of Sensory Processing Disorder for Parents, carers, teachers and professionals of a child with Sensory Processing issues.

Presented by: Kelly Kroeger, Principal Occupational Therapist


Sensory Processing in the Kindergarten

This is a one hour seminar for kindy parents and teachers that covers some basic principles of sensory processing and gives a few strategies to help overcome issues. It is offered by request of parents or kindergarten teachers.

Presented by: Kelly Kroeger, Principal Occupational Therapist


Sensory Processing in the Classroom

This is a version of the basic seminar – Sensory Processing in everyday life – that is tailored specifically to the classroom setting. The length of time can be varied according to time and budget needs. A shorter seminar provides an overview with a few strategies, a longer seminar provides an opportunity for more strategies, an in-depth case analysis and work-shop.

Presented by: Kelly Kroeger, Principal Occupational Therapist


Setting up a Sensory Space in your Place

Learn about how and what you can use to set up an effective space for sensory needs. In this workshop you’ll learn which tools are effective both inside and outside of the home, school, classroom or environment that will help children with Sensory Processing difficulties. Ideas and recommended equipment that can be cost-effective, whilst not requiring big spaces to use them in.

Presented by: Kelly Kroeger, Principal Occupational Therapist


Behaviour, Attention, Concentration And Learning:  A Sensory Perspective

Not all children who are restless, inattentive and distractible have ADHD! Behaviours, whether they are positive or negative, are a necessary and important means for children to communicate. We do not always understand their behaviour, however learning to identify what may ‘trigger’ them can help manage this, particularly in a classroom. Participants will be asked to contribute to the discussion focused around learning difficulties, attention problems and behavioural issues in the classroom. Strategies for improving attention, managing behaviours and understanding the role that ‘Sensory environment’ has, will be the learning objectives for this session.

Presented by: Kelly Kroeger, Principal Occupational Therapist


Handwriting Workshop

Worried about your child’s / student’s handwriting skills?

Concerned about his/her pencil grasp, legibility and speed of writing?

Handwriting is a challenging skill for children to master. This handwriting workshop gives a basic understanding regarding the precursor skills for handwriting and what to look for when observing a child while performing writing or fine motor activities.

This 1.5 hour workshop (time variable) will help with:

  • Why upper body strength is just as important as pencil grip and hand strength.

  • Understanding the underlying issues surrounding the handwriting difficulties

  • Understanding the multisensory approach to handwriting

  • Identifying and assisting your child/student to achieve fluent and legible handwriting

    Providing you with easy and effective solutions to support your child/student in achieving  the results

Presented by: Kelly Kroeger, Principal Occupational Therapist


Understanding Childhood Development and the Importance of the Early Years 0-6

Learn about childhood development and what things you can do in those first 6 most crucial years of life to help build strong foundations for your child’s future. This workshop discusses strategies to assist your child reach their full potential and gives you a ideas for creative play, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive abilities, language and social and emotional development

Presented by: Kelly Kroeger, Principal Occupational Therapist


* All workshops come with handout