Growing up is hard work, but for some children it is even harder. That is where Learn Sense Grow can help.

Here at Learn Sense Grow we believe it is vitally important to provide all children with the tools to build a strong foundation for lifelong learning, allowing them to fulfil their potential. We began our services in 2012, to be able to provide the therapy solutions that we could see more and more children were in increasing need of.

We provide Occupational Therapy advice and services relating to sensory processing and integration issues, developmental dysfunction, learning, language, social competency and behavioural issues, as well as, specific diagnoses and concerns.


At Learn Sense Grow we have seen Occupational Therapy benefit and inspire so many children. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Development of fine, visual and gross motor skills to an age appropriate level, so that children have the confidence to engage in classroom and play tasks.
  • Understanding children’s unique sensory preferences, and educating them on how to fulfil each preference, so that a child can regulate through a regular day at kindergarten, ELC, school, home or in the community.
  • Build upon a child’s confidence, self-esteem and ‘growth mindset’, so that they are more likely to engage in tasks that they find challenging.
  • Understanding emotions and warning signs, and regulating their body through big or more complex emotions.
  • Learning how to interact appropriately with peers in a range of different environments, and how to problem solve social situations.
  • Understanding anxiety, and learning techniques to regulate body and mind in ‘unexpected’ or ‘triggering’ situations.
  • Develop a child’s ability to attend to a task for longer periods of time, and learn strategies to maintain attention in the classroom and at home.


Many children that need Occupational Therapy often have difficulties in an area of development (motor, social, attention, learning, emotional regulation or daily living skills). However, we suggest that any child can benefit from Occupational Therapy if they have personal goals that they are trying to achieve!


One of the hardest things can be understanding whether your child needs Occupational Therapy. Our friendly staff are here to help every step of the way.

Alternatively our Questionnaire page can help break down some questions to ask your-self and help you gain a better understanding of whether your child needs help from Learn Sense Grow.