At Learn Sense Grow we are a team of therapists that work together to best support you. Our therapists are not just OT’s, they are part of the Learn Sense Grow family, highly trained and skilled people that all share a common goal, to support and care for your family.


Director & Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Kelly’s passion to assist and teach children strategies to reach their full potential and interact within their environment has led her to work in Paediatrics and the establishment of her business, ‘Learn Sense Grow.’ Kelly strongly believes that working with children in their most common environments, school and/or home, are where we can make the biggest impacts, using affordable and simple tools.

Kelly is also an author and co-founder of the ‘Move Learn Grow’ program and book, that is being offered in schools as a group program, to further support the increasing gaps being seen in children’s development. Her overall aim is to make a positive difference in the lives of many children, parent and educator.


Business Manager

Jaime is the virtual face behind the business, supporting the business operations of Learn Sense Grow. Since the beginning of the NDIA Jaime has developed a deep understanding of the agency and can support you with any of your queries. As we cover a large mobile-based service, Jaime does not work within the clinic so you will not meet Jaime face to face, but she is only ever a phone call away.


Occupational Therapist

Maddie joined the Learn Sense Grow Team soon after graduating in 2017. Maddie is passionate about working alongside families to give them the skills to help their child thrive. She is a devoted therapist, underpinning her practice with thoughtful, attentive and innovative qualities. She believes in making the most of every opportunity, and delivers her practice in this way. Her warm hearted nature builds strong connections, further supporting her exceptional skills.


Occupational Therapist

Jacinta has been an OT for 20 years working with children and adults over a variety of areas, both here in Australia and in the UK. She provides an empathetic and compassionate approach to her therapy, with connection and fun as key components. She loves nature and believes that being outdoors and in our natural environment is so important and therapeutic for the development of children. She tries to find creative ways to incorporate this into her practice as much as possible.


Occupational Therapist

Since 2016, Jessica has been working in paediatrics, offering school, home and clinic-based support where she has always had a passion for helping children progress and reach their goals. Jessica enjoys working with children with a wide range of capabilities and providing a collaborative approach with families to best support children to reach their goals. She brings a calm, caring and friendly approach and is dedicated to providing fun and engaging therapy!


Occupational Therapist

Amy has had 13+’ experience working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, developmental delay, and sensory processing challenges. Amy joined the team at Learn Sense Grow in 2016, she is committed to lifelong learning and has undertaken additional professional development and training including Sensory integration, SOS approach to feeding, Play Therapy, SleepAbility, Primitive Reflexes, and Social Thinking. She is a warm, caring, kind-hearted OT with a passion to support kids.


Occupational Therapist

Chelsea is one of our newer Occupational Therapists and joined the team in 2022, having previously worked in Paediatrics over the past 2 years. She has a maturity beyond her years, with a an exceptional ability to build quick relationships with children; a skill that is critical when being able to engage, create trust and motivate children to support them. Her fun loving, passionate, compassionate, warmth and caring nature makes her the perfect fit for our Learn Sense Grow family. Chelsea appreciates the complexities that life brings. She has a particular interest in working with kids with Trauma. Her goal is to find opportunities within your existing routine to develop skills, and give ideas of fun things to do to assist your child in everyday life and reach their full potential.