Learn Sense Grow provides Occupational Therapy for kids that seeks to understand each child individually, to provide insightful therapy solutions and also to educate our communities on the life-changing results OT can have on families. At Learn Sense Grow, our heart is at the centre of everything we do.


Learn Sense Grow’s mission is to provide a holistic service to address the learning and development needs of children within school, or home environments. Best of all we can bring it to you through our mobile or online therapy services, or come to our clinic/play space!

We believe that by engaging with children in their most common environments, we can address their everyday needs and facilitate changes where it is needed most. Using innovative, current, creative and fun approaches to learning and behaviour, Learn Sense Grow can work together with teaching staff, parents and students to enhance learning and development. At Learn Sense Grow we understand the key elements of children’s learning, development, sensory issues, function and social cognition.


Occupational Therapy (OT) is a holistic therapy with the primary focus on improving one’s functional abilities. In Paediatrics, OT helps children to work on their own personal goals to thrive and succeed in their life. Occupational Therapists have knowledge in anatomy, physiology, mental health and rehabilitation to give a holistic and functional approach to a child’s goals. Occupational Therapy is particularly unique as the individual’s goals are worked on through play, games and innovative ideas. This generally helps the child’s motivation to work on goals which are often seen as difficult.