Your child might need Occupational Therapy for a range of different reasons. This might include having trouble completing age appropriate tasks, self confidence and esteem, fine, gross or visual motor skills or become overwhelmed or angry easily and quickly.

If you have some concerns about your child’s function, learning and/or
development take our short questionnaire below:
  1. Does your child have a heightened response to touch, movement and/or sound?
  2. Is your child aggressive or have impulsive behaviour when overwhelmed by sensory stimulation?
  3. Does your child become upset by transitions and unexpected changes?
  4. Does your child show no, or little reaction, when physically hurt?
  5. Do they like crashing, bumping, jumping, spinning and/or rough housing?
  6. Do they often lick, suck or chew on non-food items such as pencil, hair and clothes?
  7. Are they clumsy, awkward, uncoordinated and/or accident – prone?
  8. Do they have diculty with personal organisation?
  9. Does your child have poor attention and emotional regulation?
  10. Are they a fussy eater?
  11. Do they have poor sleep patterns or diculty sleeping?
  12. Do they have difficulties with school -based tasks such as reading or writing?
  13. Does your child have difficulties with daily tasks such as toileting, grooming tasks or dressing compared to age-related peers?
  14. Do they have social challenges, have difficulties interacting with others or find it hard to make friends?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, your child might be experiencing difficulties with their development, learning, sensory or social skills. If you are concerned that your child may be experiencing challenges then contact us for evaluation, treatment and guidance. Early Intervention is key. The earlier issues are picked up and treated the better the outcomes.